Rail, Wagon, Darya Co.

Iran Railway Company, is the subcategory of Khadem Logistics with the aim of purchasing 800 covered wagons, high-edge, low-edge, sandy wagons and Hopper for transportation of different cargoes inside Iran and from/via Iran to CIS, Afghanistan borders, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries.

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To meet the ends of industrial, productive and service Company logistics needs by updated world technology and efficient navy services in rail and multimodal logistics services, road, sea, Customs, with warehouses equipped with universal network.


Making brand by Navy including different wagons and required Infrastructure, logistics services and qualified warehousing.


Respect to human munificence with regards to customers’ requirements, observing traders consent and environmental standards.

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• Carrier Logistics and Rail services
• Forwarder and Customs services
• Warehousing, Loading and Unloading, Maintaining and Distribution
• Multimodal transport services (Rail, Sea, Road and Air)
• Internal and External transport and Transit services
• Innovation and continuous learning

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• Container transport by low edge wagons

• Bulk transport by covered wagons

• Units and heavy lifts transport by long edge wagons

• Cement bulk transport

• Steel cargoes transport, Sulfur, Petrochemical materials, Fertilizer, Bullion metals, Iron Plates, Pips,…

• Mineral products transport, Cotton, Cereals, Fuel, Oil products and Metals Concentrate

• Iron Ore

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